Extra virgin Soleil

Olive oil is nowadays a symbol of health, a key ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet which brings up a touch of distinction to any cuisine style. The health benefits of olive oil are countless, and research reveals more benefits nearly every day, from the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancers to the reduction of chronic inflammation and to counter the effects of aging.

According to the Spanish Agency for Nutrition and Food Safety (AESAN), olive oil has been included in the list of foods with health benefits authorized for commercial and promotional uses in the EU. In May 2012 the Official Journal of the European Community published the dispositions to regulate the list of food-related health benefits which help reduce the risk of diseases and aid in the children’s healthy development.

Our olive oil

Soleil extra-virgin olive oil is made entirely with the olives of our own olive trees. In order to obtain the healthiest and of maximum quality olives, we thoroughly take care of our orchards by controlling the water and the soil in a sustainable way.

Our story

Soleil is a small family-owned business located in El Soleràs, Lleida the region where the Arbequina variety originated. Through generations we have been cultivating olive orchards in the family land.
This is an area of shallow clay soils with low annual rainfall and a great contrast of day and night temperatures which altogether makes for one of the best lands to produce exceptional olives.
Our family’s passion for olives and olive trees brought us recently to begin elaborating our own brand of extra-virgin olive oil, a freshly pressed fruit juice ready to be fully enjoyed.

Extra-virgin olive oil making

· The harvest: our olives maintain all the organoleptic properties because we harvest them at an optimum point of maturity when they still are a bit green. Olives are hand-picked using a hand-held pneumatic rake and a reversed umbrella collector so the olives never touch the ground. Once picked, the olives are brought immediately to the mill.
· Milling: during this process, the olives are cleaned by air flow so to avoid the overuse of water and the producing of residual waters. This also prevents oxidation. Once cleaned, the olives are cold-pressed (under 22oC). Soleil extra-virgin olive oil is naturally decanted by gravity to preserve all the vitamins and polyphenols.
The resulting olive oil is finally stored in stainless steel and temperature- controlled tanks.

Health benefits

The health benefits of extra-virgin olive oil are unrivaled. These are the most researched:
· It contains vitamin E, highly recommended for children and the elderly.
· It reduces the risk factors of gastric ulcers.
· It helps strengthen our bones.
· It contains monounsaturated fats that help reduce cholesterol levels.
· It betterse blood pressure.
· It helps prevent asthma in children.
· In diabetic persons, it helps to reduce glycemic levels and lowers the need for insulin.
· It contains antioxidants that counter the effects of cellular aging and the formation of cancerous cells.

By taking at least two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil each day, your heart, digestive system, skin and overall health may be improved.